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Terms updated 2007-12-17
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Get extra Block quota by referring others! If you have a Usenet-News Block account, and refer another user to Usenet-News, your Block account gets credited half as much quota as that user loads his or her account with in their first quota purchase, up to a credit of maximum 100 GB. If he or she buys a 100GB Block as his/her first purchase, your Block account gets credited with 50GB! If he or she starts off with a 300GB block, your block account gets credited 100GB. The only thing needed is that the new user enters your referral ID in the signup form when he or she creates his/her account.
All Block account users automatically has a referral ID, please log in to your Control Panel to check your referral ID. Give it to your friends when you tell them to sign up, or you can even link strangers from your web site by using the a link like (Replace "12345" with your referral ID)

Usenet-News referral program is open for all Block account holders, and is valid for the Block account program only. Currently we have no program for subscription accounts. You need to hold a valid active Block account with a positive quota to be eligible.
Referral validity

You may not refer yourself, or anybody in your houshold, and all referrals must be valid, new, Block accounts. Users who already have a block account with Usenet-News may for example not create a new one, instead of refilling the old, to create referral points. The referring user must have a positive quota at the time the referral accounting is run for the referral to be valid. Referrals via link with referral ID creates a cookie at the users computer. Referred users must enter your referral ID in the signup form, or have a valid referral cookie in their computer when signing up, for you to earn credits for the referral. Some users may have web browser settings that prevent cookies to be saved, or programs that cleans out such cookies, in which case you may not get credited for the referral. Referral IDs entered manually by the user takes precedence over cookie referrals.

Block Credits
Referral credits are not instant. Credits to your Block account are made weekly, on Wednesdays, 1½ weeks trailing the end of the accounted week.
Example: If a user you refer buys the first block on a Tuesday, your account is credited on the Wednesday 2 weeks later.
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Referral Program
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