Outlook Express Setup instructions

To begin, ensure that you have Outlook Express installed and that the program is open

Step1: Click on tools then go to accounts.

Step2: Click the news tab, add button, then the news selection.
Step3: Enter your display name.
Step4: Enter your email address. (It is recommended to enter it in a way that is possible for humans to read, but not SPAM-bots, for example "myemail@myaddress.com.no_spam"
Step5: Enter the server name. (From your welcome letter.)
Step6: Enter your username and password (from your welcome letter).
Step7: Click finish.
Step8: Click the close button.
Step9: Click the yes button.
Step10: Let the newsgroups download.
Step11: Type your keyword in the filter search field or browse the newsgroups on the rollbar.
Step12: Select a newsgroup you are interested in.

Step13: Click the subscribe button then the go to button. The newsgroup will now download article headers, and you can start reading the articles.
Each newsgroups you subscribe to, basically works like an e-mail inbox. You read the newsgroup messages just like you read e-mail.

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