No nonsense, just Quality Usenet News
We don't promote bad services with a flashy website, we let the quality of our usenet service speak for itself.
We don't provide web interfaces or other fancy extras, just pure, raw, nntp usenet for the power user. If you use Usenet on a daily basis and need power and reliability, we are the provider for you. (If you are new to Usenet and don't know what Usenet is, you'll find a brief explanation here.)

We provide quality usenet for power users, providing all newsgroups our customers ask for, with high completion rate and long retention. (Over 2000 days for binaries, over 16 years for most text groups.)
We sell non-expiring block download accounts*, at the best prices on the market.

*** 60 connections allowed! ***
*** LOW block prices! ***
Please see our price list for details.
  • Both US and European nntp news server systems, for best speed and redundancy
  • High-quality feeds
  • All popular text and support newsgroups.
  • All popular binaries newsgroups.
  • Long binary retention, over 2000 days!!**, and high completion rate, 99%+.
  • High speed downloads via multiple Gigabit networks.
  • Full range of non-expiring block options for your download needs, from two GigaBytes up to one TeraByte!
  • No upload limits.
  • SSL encryption available at no extra cost for all accounts.
  • Up to 60 simultaneous connections allowed*
  • Cheap Usenet Block Accounts in all sizes
  • Unlimited accounts available.
  *Please see our FAQ for details.
**Header retention may be lower.
"No nonsense, just Quality Usenet"
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